4 Easy to Use Video Applications on Android

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Many video applications are there that would promise you unlimited downloading and watching. Whether you want to do streaming or you wish to download the video songs or movies; you can get everything on your android device once you have the right application installed.

If you think that every application looks great but then when you start using them, they turn out to be unsatisfactory then you might not have checked out the following applications. These video applications are free of cost, give you access to limitless video and movies and that too with the features that you desire for.

  1. AVD

AVD is Android video Downloader and it is a good application that has an extensively convenient to use interface. The application permits the users to download any type of videos from different types of websites or platforms. You can easily stream and download any kind of flash videos that too in the absence of any hassle. The video application is free of cost and you can quickly browse videos and download them within the application.   The app is not compatible with YouTube but otherwise it is an amazing platform.

  • Media Tap

It is a good application for downloading videos. Media Tap is considered to be one of the most finely downloading platforms for Android. As the name shows it all, you can download any type of media file. You can also download any type of document, photo, mp3 or even the video file using media tap.   The application gets you an easy and instant access to the video or any other media file you are looking for.

  • Vidmate app

You can easily get all the video and movie contents from this application. This Vidmate for Android gives you an access to all the video content throughout different types of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Vimeo and so on. You can also get the formats of your choice like mp4, 3gp, FLV, AVI and so many more. The UI is of this application is pretty well and comfortable and anyone from a beginner to a savvy can uses it without any hassle. Moreover, the application is free of cost and you can get it from the official website of Vidmate. You would also get resolution choice in this app to suit your preferences.

  • Media Clip Pro

This application gets you the most professional approach in experiencing the loved or desired video content anywhere at any time. The users can easily and effectively download any type of media such as videos, documents, photos, and music. You can also save the streamed videos that can also be available later in your offline mode as well.  You should use this application because it is easy to use and leads to the fulfilment of your media requirements.

Conclusion So, you should give a try to these video applications and you would definitely feel the ease and excellence both. Since you don’t have to spend even a single penny on these applications, you must install them right away.

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