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5 Reasons Why People Love Animated Bible Movies

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When winding for the holidays this year, spending quality time with your family indoors is always a complicated situation. With television and online streaming ruling our lives, we tend to take-up on ourselves to watch a movie together, cuddled up with the whole family. Of course, when thinking of family, we are thinking of kids and teens, and even elders alike. It is often very hard to find something every age group can enjoy at least, can be entertained by. Many TV shows and movies these days do not give that experience. However, one way to productively spend time watching movies, increasing your spiritual bond and being entertained at the same time is to watch animated biblical movies.

Why animated movies?

  1. Children and Entertainment

Animated Bible Movies can capture the attention of everyone- kids and teens importantly. This is important because one’s journey in Faith begins and heavily stands on what they witness and understand as a child. Therefore, giving stories and names mentioned in the bible a vivid and attention-grabbing animated character will stay with kids forever. They will tend to hold to their values and easily associate them with scriptures. Plus, it entertains kids just like cartoons do.

  • Family friendly

Animated movies based on the events in the Bible are family friendly especially with what they show. Some of the gruesome and heavy details have been mellowed down so that they not set easily in the minds and hearts of everyone but also leave a thoughtful mark on the soul.

  • Different entertainment

Watching live action movies have become very commonplace. Many kids do not grow up watching endearing animations, and adults cannot remember the last time they watched a good cartoon. When in the muddle to find one animated feature that isn’t pointless nonsense for the family to sit through, Biblical movies that are animated are great choices to mix up the entertainment and watch something different.

  • Values and Message

When thinking of cartoons, most of the time, there is little to no point in ones aimed towards kids. And many others only circle around the same concepts. With Biblical animated features, this can be effectively avoided. These movies will contain many important messages and are filled with good and spiritual values for kids and adults alike. They carry the message of God and manage to discuss faith in a simple and heart-capturing manner.

  • Timeless

Many animated features of today cater towards the present timeline of the world and tend to lose their charm over the time. However, Biblical movies do not hassle with this. Their message and overall plots are timeless due to their spiritual nature and the faith that it displays. They don’t age

These were just  five reasons as to why these movies are beloved, and you should watch them with the family, but there are many more, and that just goes to show you that Biblical animated movies are an excellent choice.

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