Trip to Deserts

A Trip to Deserts can Take your Breath Away

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Whenever we hear or talk about deserts, the first thing comes to our mind are barren land, glittering sand dunes, miles and miles spreading sands. But it has an unparalleled charm that draws our attention and attracts us to them. Desert maintains a dignified and calm personality unlike the hustle and bustles of cosmopolitan cities. Its sheer vastness can be intimidating, yet you cannot ignore its aura. It is hard to describe the thrills you get while approaching the desert for the first time- a drying landscape, miles and miles of golden sand waves, open sky, scorching sun, lack of vegetation and water, the disappearance of shrubs and signs of life. Whenever we hear of the desert, an image of barrenness of a perpetual stretch of sands comes to our mind. We cannot expect that there could something different then the stereotypical definition of the desert and many of us just drop the idea to explore. But the desert is both thrilling and romantic if you know what hides behind the veil of sands. Here, we will discuss some majestic deserts of the world, which worth your visit.

The Thar Desert

The Thar Desert or also known as the Great Indian Desert is largely an arid region in the northwestern part of India. Desert camping goes without saying, as Thar desert with fine stretches of sand is host to several desert camps and spending a night in a camp in the middle of a desert is an experience of a lifetime. If you have an adventurous soul, you just can’t afford to miss dune bashing here in Thar. Either you can drive yourself if you have a SUV or you can also hire a jeep or SUV and here you can go dune bashing over the vast stretch of the sand dunes. Paragliding is yet another fun and adventurous activity. Paragliding in the morning or in the evening gives you the beautiful colors of the rising and the setting sun on the horizon creates a breathtaking view. An evening enjoying the folk cultural program near the cam is undoubtedly captivating sight.

Sahara Desert

As the largest and driest desert on earth, it is safe to say there are very few places like Sahara. The feeling of approaching a desert for the first time is almost like approaching sea for the first time. Thrills occupy our mind and soul and the breathtaking views make us skip a heartbeat. Just like Thar, in Sahara, you can ride a quad bike and along with dune bashing, you can visit the nearby villages, discover palm groves or simply enjoy the golden landscape zooming past as you explore the Sahara desert. Of all the things to do here, you must consider spending a night in the middle of Sahara. The view of the night sky is more than just magical. You will be amazed by the countless glittering stars, deep blue sky and deafening silence of the night. It is sensational.

The Arabian desert evokes the sense of mystery and romance. Arabian Desert has its own aura that fascinates me since childhood. Desert Safari, dune bashing on SUV, these excursions take you to an exhilarating ride through sands. In the middle of the sand, you will find one of the most luxurious cities in the world- Dubai, where you can enjoy all the luxuries of a cosmopolitan city.

A trip to the other world of the earth, which is far away from the modern civilized city, driest and largest place, where there is no sign of life and vegetation is undoubtedly frightening. But, beyond fear, there is a luxury of desert which you can’t experience in other parts of the world. Before summer hits earth this season, make a plan to one of the deserts of the world. You just need to book your flight and apply for visa asap. To obtain a visa instantly and conveniently, you can contact the Emirates visa consultant in Delhi.

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