Choosing the right flowers for the Valentine
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Choosing the right flowers for the Valentine

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Although there is still one month left for the Valentine’s Day to come, it is necessary for lovers, both male and female to be mentally prepared about the kind of gift that they should buy for their valentine. This day is not just synonymous with gifting, but also tends to uphold the significance of celebrating love. This need not be restricted only among teenage girls and boys dating each other for the first or umpteenth time, but also among couples who are now married for a very long time. This day is considered to be the perfect occasion for both the genders to convey their message of admiration, affection and love for someone special in their lives.

Saying it with flowers!

Similar to music that is regarded to be a higher revelation when compared to philosophy, flowers can be termed to be much more expressive than mere words. There are different types of flowers that are beautiful and can make the best gifts on this occasion, since they are able to connote special hidden messages. The predominant flower in this occasion is the rose that is usually gifted to the beloved one. Messages to be conveyed on this special day depend upon the chosen flower type and colour.

Significance of specific flower colours and unique messages conveyed by them:

  • Roses: They are very much popular among valentines and do make a fabulous gift. The classic red rose is undoubtedly the most valued gift. Women across the globe in particular, prefer roses on this day. The deep red coloured types tend to symbolize true love and passion. Modern women display special preference for other colours besides red. The colour orange and peach stands for admiration, white symbolize purity and innocence. Mix rose bunch connotes heartfelt emotions and varied emotions towards the recipient. Purple tends to denote majestic glory, white pink depicts poetic romance. Lilac is termed to be the perfect choice if the desire is to convey love at 1st sight.
  • Carnations: They are not only exquisite in appearance, but also do make ideal gifts on this special day. They tend to have a feminine aura that only makes them much more desirable and appealing.
  • Lilies: They are available in variety of colours, each of which tends to denote different types of messages. Full bloomed lily bunch are just perfect for the beloved one. Women preferring quality and class over quantity prefer oriental lilies in large blooms.
  • Gerberas: They can add that contemporary touch to the valentine gift and are stated to be excellent gifts to suit each and every age group. Also, they appear exquisite and provide that fresh feel in mushy posies when accompanied with customized gifts and messages.

In short, the valentine flowers do speak volumes in itself without having to say a word. As a gift, they can provide warmth to the recipient and make him/her to fall in love and celebrate togetherness. Checking out the leading online flower delivery in jaipur can be a wise decision to choose the best valentine flower.

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