Choosing the right shampoo- A ball game for Men!

Choosing the right shampoo- A ball game for Men!

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Be it at a supermarket or a lavish shopping mall residing with different civic amenities, the race for having healthy hair dominates over all other sections. It was back to ten years when men evaded themselves from choosing a shampoo for them. But with time and advancement in the environmental conditions and degradation of the quality of hair due to pollution, men have also started to use different brands of shampoo in the first place.

For men, it is important to see the fall of hair as it can be a quick and constant process which can result in complete baldness in a short span. There are lots of incidents where males have lost hair quickly due to the choice of wrong hair shampoo and the problem of dandruff. For one it is necessary to find the skin type that can help to find the right type of shampoo with proper pH balance suitable to the skin.

Nothing is best in the first place, but still, best anti dandruff shampoo for men in India comes in different brands brought in by various manufacturers. But still, before spending your pocket in purchasing a shampoo to treat your dandruff issue, there are certain parameters which you should have a glimpse on:-

Normal hair

If your scalp resembles of normal hair growth then you do not need any shampoo which would remove excess oil from your scalp because the original scalp will only possession of small amount of gentle oil, thereby won’t be removed by any kind of shampoos. So, you can choose a shampoo which would be having a disclaimer for normal hair.

Oily Hair

Oil normally clogs the follicles to breathe and hence prevent hair growth. But you have a solution in the form of a viscous shampoo which has the formulation to remove excess oils from the scalp and eventually leading less dandruff from the scalp.

Coloured Hair

Do not go for ordinary shampoos if you have coloured your hair. For people having coloured hair, ask your stylist or choose shampoo which has colour resistant features and won’t fade your hair colour. Ketomac shampoo is beneficial for coloured hair.

Thickening Shampoo

If you are in search of the thickness of your hair, shampoos do not actually grow thick hairs, but there are certain shampoo products which increase the volume and bring an appearance of voluminous hair. So, you can go for those products. Ketomac shampoo brings in the acute volume to your hair.

Irritable scalp

If you find that your scalp is irritating at odd and even hours of the day, then take or start using shampoo containing zinc in their supplements. This might produce results for you. The last word for the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men in India is the price which you should consider because if you are getting a shampoo of the same supplements as a salon shampoo at a lower price then, you should avoid buying salon based shampoo which would cost you much more.

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