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Shree Ganesh Enterprises offers top of the line Touch Proof Screened Connectors from Hongshang. They are sensible for foundation in SF6 RMU’S of all producers like ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Lucy, and C& S Electric, L&T, Eshwari, etc. 

These connectors are in the market for latest 10 years and there are more than ten thousand foundations in India alone. They are by and large sort attempted to IEC 60502-4, both in India and all around. We offer both module and dashed structures for fitting RMUs. Things are open up to 630 and use something like 42 kV. The gave unit has all portions including the trifurcating pack for completion single focus or three focus connect. Each connector is pursued for AC High Voltage& Partial Discharge test before dispatch. 

SGE screened distinguishable connectors and elbows are utilized to end high voltage links with polymeric protection (XLPE and EPR) onto switchgear and transformer bushings up to 33kV. 

Screened distinct connectors are otherwise called screened elbows or tee connectors. 

  • Slip on fit – brisk and simple to introduce connectors 
  • Touch proof link end– completely screened connectors for security 
  • One part link end – worked in pressure help 
  • Maintenance benevolent – promptly disconnectable 

SGE Cable Connectors 

SGE make 11kV-33kV pre-formed EPDM divisible elbow connectors, heat psychologist link joints and link terminations, cold therapist link joints and link terminations and epoxy bushings for high voltage switchgear and transformers. Euromold link extras meet CENELEC HD929.1, CENELEC EN50180, IEC 137, IEEE 386 and 404. 

A screened link connector is an exemplified, safe to contact high voltage link end used to associate HV links to the epoxy bushings of high voltage electrical gear including transformers, switchgear and engines. 

Preferences of HV Cable Connector Systems 

  • No least separations required – appropriate for conservative HV substations 
  • Safe to contact unintentionally when invigorated 
  • Maintenance free HV link connectors and terminations 
  • Quick and simple to introduce connectors via prepared link jointers 
  • Fully watertight link terminations – IP67 entrance assurance 
  • Complete link connector ranges for 11kV to 33kV link associations 
  • Connectors reasonable for open air link end without link box 
  • Tee connectors can be piggy-supported to permit numerous link associations onto           bushings

Types of Touch Proof Screened Connectors

  • 24kV T type rear connector
  • 15kV T type rear connector
  • 15kV T type front connector
  • 33/36kV T type rear connector

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