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Hand Dryers: Know The Different Types

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The industrial revolution and the introduction of sophisticated machineries have completely changed the way how people lead their lives. There are easily available varieties modern gadgets and appliances within affordable range. One such product that is in huge demand in the market is the hand dryer equipment. There are different types of hand dryers available to meet different needs and requirements. Hence, it becomes important to know about them, so as to make the right choice.

Hand dryer machine types

  • Customary hand dryer: When a user places his/her hands at the slot given to dry, hot air blows to dry the hand completely. The drying process may take about 30-45 seconds and are considered to be moderate. It is termed to be average speed dryer and expends more power.
  • Quick hand dryer: It is a conventional dryer which is slower when compared to using paper towels. They will dry the hands within 10-15 seconds and are found to be more proficient and helpful. However, they make some noise and also quite expensive. Speed and volatility of the machine is sure to be appreciated.
  • Automatic hand dryer: These machines use infrared sensors to operate and dry the hand. Manual operation is not required, since placing the hands automatically starts the machine and once the hand is removed, it stops within few seconds. It is more proficient, helpful, but very expensive than the other types.

Things to consider to make the right purchase

Several aspects are to be taken into consideration to make a well informed purchase. Looking at the different features present in the machine and the model and brand is of obvious importance. But first, there is a genuine need to understand the specific needs, so as to narrow down the search.

  • Cost: The budget does play an important role in the purchase of the hand dryer machine. It is likely to change with model and type. Those having basic features are likely to cost less than that of the one with additional sophisticated features. It will be useful to buy something that is strong, durable and offers easier and effortless operation and also consumes less power.
  • Speed: A good hand dryer is one that comes with remarkable speed to dry the hands, without consuming much power in the process.
  • Power consumption: It is definitely an important aspect that cannot be missed out or neglected during the purchase process. The machine’s capacity is said to relate to its drying speed. High power gadgets are likely to consume more electricity and also work quicker. Nowadays, manufacturers are coming out with five star rated gadgets that consume very less power and provide full operation and greater efficiency. But they are a bit on the expensive side.
  • Commotion: Some dryers are found to make a good amount of noise, which will disturb the environment. Those which use good quality materials and sophisticated engineering will make minimal noise.

Therefore, considering the above points and doing some research can help to make the correct selection of the hand dryer for the home or business.

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