How to choose Impressive argumentative essay topics?

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“Is essay writing a hard nut to crack”? This is how a good argumentative essay topic sounds like. You have spent a bit of time learning and writing argumentative essays at school and college. But when it comes to choosing hot topics for your essays, your mind starts spinning around, right? Students freak out because they know this essay is going to contribute towards their grades. They get stressful and upset.

It’s obvious that being a student you are involved in a lot of stuff, and it gets hard to sit down and give your full attention to a particular thing. I remember my university days. I always asked others to help me write my essay because essay writing was big hurdle for me. But no worries at all, this blog will help you in dealing with your issues. It has some clear and straight solutions that will let you take a sigh of relief.  Here you go with some handsome ideas that will help you pick best topics in no time.

Tips to make your work strong:

First thing first, before choosing the best topic, just think of what an argumentative essay is? What content it requires? Let me clear your mind regarding all your ambiguities and doubt and make this giant hilly task easy for you. Here I came up with some points to make up your mind about argumentative essay:

Why have a debatable Topic?

Look at the name of the essay, “argumentative.” What do you get from this word? What does it actually reflect? You will get all the meanings in this one small, simple word. Don’t you see it tells that the gist of an argumentative essay is to defend a position on an issue with the final goal of persuading readers to accept your argument? Never ever forget that you need some opposing points to counter with your own points. And the point to ponder, good essay topics must have two sides of the discussion. Don’t get confused just look at this example; E-books should be preferred to printed books.

Taking a stance and supporting it

Let me tell you something; an argumentative essay is all about taking a position and persuading audience on that, right? For this purpose, you have to look for possible opinions in your essay and take one position. Once you take the stronger position, you need to support it with the factual evidence.

Are you getting confused? Let’s see how simple it is, if you take a stance that drugs are injurious to health, you have to provide some statistics, facts, research studies to support this position. Keep this in head, always go for an argumentative essay topics in which you can take one position and support it.

Disproving Counter Argument

Remember, the most important thing in this essay is making your own argument stronger over the others. Remember! Your work will only be successful if you make your opponents feel doubt on their position and argument.

How to Choose Best Topics?

Always remember, picking a topic is the most responsible stage of essay writing. The world is neither black nor white, and a lot of grey areas mean a lot of topics are available. When it comes to choosing the best essay topics, you have a wide variety, but you have to look for something that excites you. Only then you will put your head and heart in it. It is not that easy, right? Just keep some tips in mind:

  • Always choose a topic that you are familiar with. The good essay requires a good strong background of the topic which is only possible if it is already there in your mind.
  • Always look at your audience and consider their interests.
  • Choose something that excites you. This is a million dollar tip. Something boring and uninteresting will lack your attention, and the final product will not be spellbinding.
  • Once you have selected the topic, you can make it broad or narrow as per the discussion and arguments.

What to avoid while choosing the topics?

Now I am sure from the above points you know how you can choose the best essay topics. This is not the end of the story. You have to keep some other points in your mind while selecting the persuasive essay topics because you want to produce quality paper, right?

  • Stay away from the topics and subjects that don’t spark your interest.
  • Never choose a topic that doesn’t match the instructions of essay provided to you.
  • Avoid too narrow or too broad topics

Other tips to help you with picking the best topics      

Still confused? Need more information? Check out some tips that can be very helpful towards picking impressive essay topics for you:

  • Do thorough research to see the hot and trending topics that match your interests
  • Choose topics that have a variety of opinions and positions
  • Pick something about which many people have doubts. Ignore topics that are too trivial
  • Have the best understanding of the topic before confirming it

Sample topics for Argumentative Essays

Feeling bombarded with the tips and tricks? Don’t panic; there are some sample topics as well. The essay topics can be social, legal, political, controversial and technological. Here are the sample essay topics for you to choose from:

  • Does television aggression make children violent?
  • Should prisoners be given the right to vote?
  • Should smoking be banned in schools and workplaces?
  • Can e-books replace printed books?
  • Is homeschooling effective?
  • Should companies advertise about the side effects and warnings?
  • What should be the most suitable age for driving?
  • Are violent games dangerous?
  • Is it important to participate in sports?
  • Cellphones should be banned during driving.
  • Abortion should be legalized.

Having a hard time with your essay?

Are you tired of doing research and choosing the best topics for your essay? Don’t get disappointed. Here comes a solution to shun away your tension. Reach out to the internet and check the variety of professionals who are ready to take all your worries away. Free yourself from stress and take help from the experts who take care of all the important instructions. No worries, your grades will be in safe hands!

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