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How to Choose the Right Printed Pillows for Your Home

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Decorative pillows sometimes called the throw pillows as it adds the finishing touches to a room makeover or breathes a new life into any room in your house.

There are many styles and sizes of decorative pillows available in the market. As with any home accent, the custom pillow printing has its own dos and don’ts.

It is important that you should pick the best style of pillow for the room which you are going to decorate. If you have a sleek and modern couch then don’t match it with a decorative pillow covered in a fringe.

The color and patterns that either blend with the furniture or stand out, in contrast, are the better choices. Do not be afraid of pattern and texture that you are using.

Using the printing pillows with pictures and patterns can be an excellent way to add some fun and interest in the room. But be careful and not to go overboard with the patterned pillows.

Too many fabrics and colors come across as being too busy. Another aspect to consider the size of your furniture. If you have a large bed or sofa then you should take the small printing pillows that look better.

If you use the wrong size pillows in your decoration then it can make your furniture look odd and mishappen. Always remember that you should keep the embellishments on your pillows to a minimum.

Beads can be fun, but they are also uncomfortable. Since pillows provide comfort and beads can scratch your skin too. So the best option is not to use that much.

This may seem like a lot to consider but remember that the printing pillows are supposed to add fun and spice to your interior design.

So always choose those pillows which represent your personal style. Nowadays, some pillows are available in the market which has beautiful prints on it. These pillows can complement the decor of any room in your house and they add the finishing touch in your design.

Maybe you want to design a room in your house to feel like a beach retreat, even though you live nowhere near the ocean. You can also purchase a beach house as you can decorate it with nautical home accessories.

Designs options you have:  The standard design layout in the custom case is to print a single photo on the top however other options you can do like for example, you can choose to have the same or different photo or design printed on the back of the pillow so it can be used either way up. You can also create a photo collage by using several pictures. The standard size pillowcase makes a beautiful addition to any room.

Use digital photos and other pictures: Digital photos tend to provide the best looking results when you use on the personalized items. This is simply because digital photos offer a very high resolution but they can also be manipulated.

You can use your photos by yourself or pictures of the recipient if you are going to buy a custom pillow as a personal gift because it is a good idea. You can also use pictures of family holidays, major family events, or of any place or item that you or recipients truly appreciate. There are different types of printing pillows as you see listed below:

Needlepoint pillows: They are not ordinary pillows because it covers the entire canvass. They are usually printed with the pattern as it visible on all the parts of the canvass and not just on the front or back alone.

They are the most popular type of print pillows. You can use it on the stools and sofas without worrying as it gives the better look in small printing designs.

Embroidered throw pillows – embroidered accent pillows are well loved by many consumers due to the fact that it employs to intricate the pattern and designs. Durability is also being admired as they are plainly printed pillows but rather embellished to accent pillows.

Cross stitch and crewel are the two most popular options which are more to high-end and deluxe look. If you have heavy furniture at home, embroidered pillows create the royal and luxurious look all the time. So you can use it for big furniture at home.

Hooked occasional pillows: From the word occasional these printing pillows are only used as a special occasion like any party, events or if there any guests are coming and all other occasions.

These pillows you can hook only in walls as their print more attractive. Also, it creates a temporary interior that can be easily removed after any event or any occasion.

Silk pillows: It is true that these give the look of luxurious pillows. These silk pillows are usually made from the finest silk fabrics and create a very soft but smooth finish perfect for accentuating high-end furniture and design.

That comes on various shades and colors but most consumers choose to use the plain color then make the custom designing with the prints as its one of this beauty enhance.

Custom printing pillows: If you want to combine two or more types of pillow then they are classified as custom made accent pillows. This is your exact needs as the custom made pillow is indeed the greatest choice amongst all.

Custom pillow covers: As well as there are many other items of personalized bedding and soft furnishings. Unfortunately, there are many other items other than pillows that you can print.

You can print the pillow cover as it looks attractive and more decorated. You can use the pictures of the couple in the cover or make any design of printing that looks nice.


These pillows can really make your home look stunningly beautiful and elegant but do not forget the fact that there are different types of custom pillows meant to suffice specific needs and wants. Depending on your budget and home interiors, prices can range from a few bucks to a hundred dollars.

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