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How To Survive And Improve In Very Bad Credit Situation?

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The journey seems longer when there is no one with you. Very bad credit situation is also like a journey as you are all alone. Alone, because no finance company is ready to do anything for you. They in fact are afraid as you are a risky bet. Every door shuts on your face and from lenders to credit card companies, have same thing to say – ‘Sorry we can’t help , you have very bad credit score’. Extremely frustrating!!! But this is the reality, however another reality is, no matter how harsh are the circumstances, it is necessary to find a solution. Any possible way out under the sky can be the game changer and can wake up your destiny again.

You know what? The good news is, you can keep the hope as few escape windows are still open despite the very bad credit situation. Let us explore them one by one.

Consider Very Bad Credit Loans

Perhaps you have heard about the very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker. These are the specialised short-term loans offered by the online lenders. The prime aim of these loans is to help people revive their ruined finances and come out of the very bad credit situation. The interest rates are very high but this is the compensation for the risk that lender takes while funding you money. The lender tries best to calm down the rates with customisation, but still not much difference can be expected due to your very bad credit score.

Now the question is why to take such a high interest loan?

Actually, the idea behind these loans is to borrow a small amount, repay the instalments on time and earn a boost in credit rating. Every time you pay the instalment on time, the increase in credit rating comes as a good news. Keep doing this until paying off the complete loan amount and achieve a better stage in finances.

Other Ways to Improve Credit Rating

With loans, it is necessary to keep working on the other ways of improving credit ratings. Some of the common ways are –

  • Get registered on the electoral roll – The electoral roll tells about who you are, your address and with whom you live. In short, for finance industry you become a genuine and responsible citizen. This is the first thing that lenders check and having registered here gives many benefits in financial life. In fact, the other finance companies like credit card firms too, consider electoral roll important.
  • Check your credit file – The credit file is your first financial introduction. It should be perfect, free from flaws. Check your credit file and make sure that every piece of information is correct. In case of any wrong information, get it removed or rectified.
  • Pay the obligations on time – Start paying bills and debts on time. It is the best way to show the world that you are improving in your financial behaviour.

Just as the bad credit people have the loans for Poor credit with no guarantor without any fees on instant decision, very bad credit scorer too are not helpless. Besides the tools you use to improve credit rating, self-discipline is the other important thing. Stay within the financial limits and avoid debts and pending obligations as much as possible. Keep a difference between the greed and need and use the money wisely.

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