How to treat fungal infections

How to Treat Fungal Infections

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Fungal infections are very common these days and the area where there is a high chance of ring worms and yeast infections is the foot, one can take some over the counter pills to get rid of them, or else you can also take help from some age old home remedies. This can be also taken without medication.

But if those remedies do not work, then one should immediately go and see a doctor. There are most powerful anti fungal creamavailable in the market and they are perfect to treat the fungal infection. They can combat the infection and it kills yeasts and fungi by interfering with the cell.

Fungi have a membrane and it is very crucial for them to survive. These creams mainly make holes in those cell membranes and the fungus gets killed in that process. As a result, the infection gets cleared. Here are ideas of some home remedies as well which one can try on fungal infection.

Coconut oil

There are many studies that suggest that coconut oil is very good in killing of yeast. The coconut oil is mainly extracted from the edible part of the coconut fruit and this is very much effective in fighting the fungal infection because it has fatty acids in it. One can apply plain coconut oil with cotton on the affected area and it can destroy the fungi.

Apple cider vinegar

This one is majorly packed with anti microbial and it is good to treat any kind of fungal infection. it is also recommended that one should drink a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar because it can kill the fungal infection and also prevent it to spread any further. This also makes thing heal fast.


This has some excellent anti bacterial properties and it is also very good in fighting skin infections. Apply some crushed garlic in the affected area and it is best in fighting the fungal infections.

Cranberry Juice

This juice is very much used to treat if there is an infection in the urinary tract. It also works very effectively in preventing fungal growth. It can combat the yeast infection and it can also rectify the PH level in the urine where the chance of fungal growth is the most.

Plain Yoghurt

When one is suffering from heavy yeast infection, then one should use plain yogurt. It has a lot of active cultures and it can easily reduce the growth of fungi. Yogurt also has a lot of pro biotics which is very good for the human digestive system and it increases the ability of the body to absorb more nutrients and then fight the infections. But when buying yogurt for this treatment one needs to buy one which has lactobacillus strains. One can always choose any one of the remedies and use them in order to treat their fungal infection. Along with that, one can always buy a ketomac cream and apply in the affected area on regular basis at night so that the healing process becomes faster.

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