Importance Of Women Education In Nation’s Development

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No one can deny the importance of education and its role in shaping the destiny of individuals and nations. Education is investment in mankind. Women are sometime considered inferior to men. Romans considered women as chattels things which were bought and sold. English common law gave women less rights as compared to men. When first child is girl, parents get disappointed. If all children are female, father wants male successor from somewhere else. This shows the importance of thought process in a society. Societies where males are responsible for earning and are contributors to family income, only look forward to have male child. While some nations still have great regard for the birth of female child in a society, Nigeria is one of them. Islam also emphasizes the importance of education for females and encourages them to read and write. Islam calls first female child for a family as a greater blessing than having first male child.

Women are part of activities at a regional level as well as community level such as child bearing and other household chores (sewing, cooking). This highlights the significance of provision of education to women to help them contribute to the nation building. Women’s education also plays its part in improving the socio-economic conditions of a country. The traditional philosophies of societies, considering women only a tool to do the household work has resulted in low levels of female education throughout the world. Laura Bush once said that if you deny education to a woman “you have denied half of the population the chance to succeed and the chance to contribute to a society and to a culture.”

Education is considered important for individuals and societal development. There are some very good peoples like 24 H Write My Essays who can provide equal working opportunity for females

The importance of female education for countries is because of contributions of education in country’s scientific, political, sociological, technological advancement leading to economic independence and prosperity. The forms of education include:  formal, informal and non-formal education. Informal education is achieved via experience at work or play. Formal education includes highly institutionalized, graded and structured educational system i.e. from primary school to university level. Non-formal education contains organized educational activities outside the frame work of the formal system. For instance, Farmer training programmes. To achieve development, it is important to use women side by side with men, as education prepares citizens to take part in development. Women should be incorporated into national development in two ways; one as participants, second as beneficiaries of development.

The importance of female education for society and culture cannot be denied. An educated mother guarantees a healthier and happier family; improved hygiene and nutrition. She becomes more efficient at home, in the workplace and also can study further if required. It is obvious, by educating women, we can reduce poverty, enhance efficacy, ease population pressure and ensure better future for our children. Education is also a critical factor in improving facilities for women and for timely achieving national development goals. Education has given awareness to educated women about the importance of national unity. Women are becoming part of development in the limits of tradition; but their role could be more effective, if adequately prepared. Education has caused many advantages to women. They have become better wives and mothers. The women politicians, educationists, doctors, administrators are playing their role more responsibly with each passing day. Also the skilled women engineers design new equipment to plan and manage production, etc. Currently, Nigerian women, aware of importance of contribution to the urgent and most important task of nation building, are confidently improving their strengths to share the responsibility of building the nation. Women now prefer education to decrease the rift between them and their male counterparts; they educate themselves not only in the object of becoming literate, they also consider the crucial purpose of filling gaps. Thus, women are also equally hard working like men and are equally qualified in all educational and good to see some women’s work for an charity organization in USA like Do My essay  , professional and practical fields. Women thus show their complete resolution and passion in working for the advancement of country, and are willing to leave no stone unturned in achieving the best outcomes for their country. They can contribute successfully with men in developing the nation on all fronts.

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