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Let The Dancer Inside You Go Wild! Learn How Loans Can Help

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Dance is a passion. Millions of people around the world follow their dancing enthusiasm with great energy. And there is no better feeling in life than to be able to convert your passion into money.

As has been said, “Follow your dreams and money would follow”. But one has to walk the right path to make sure that happens. Earning money through dance can be achieved by a wide range of opportunities today, like:

  • becoming a dance teacher at school or university.
  • giving personal lessons to aspiring dancers.
  • opening your own dance academy.
  • posting dance videos on YouTube.
  • providing online dance tutorials.
  • joining a dance group.
  • organising paid performances for your dance.
  • participating in competitions and tours.

Your personal choices and character can help you choose a path down your career. With a vast majority of the UK population engaged in dancing, it is not difficult to find opportunities in moving forward with investing in arts.

In particular, if you wish to combine your passion of dancing and teaching, bank loans uk offers a plethora of ways to achieve that. For becoming a dance instructor, there are certain pre-requisites for you to satisfy the eligibility conditions.


Like every other country in the world, UK also has its own guidelines regarding qualifications of a school teacher. And when it comes to performing arts, there is just one added clause.

  • QTS: A Qualified Teacher Status makes you eligible to work as a teacher in state schools. The institution you aspire to work for may or may not have QTS requirement. If it does, it can be achieved by completing a bachelor’s degree, preferably a Bachelors of Education; though any other would work just as fine. Other routes to QTS include a SCITT and GTP programmes, which can be taken up while teaching at a school.
  • PGCE: A Postgraduate Certificate in Education is a one year course to be pursued after a graduate degree. This certification provides credit points into a master’s degree, and takes a person closer to becoming a school teacher. It also is a key factor in gaining the QTS.
  • A LEVEL: For becoming a dance teacher, you are supposed to have at least a Level 3 qualification, equivalent to Level A of the qualification guidelines laid down by the HMO.
  • PG: If you are aiming at teaching at universities or conservatoires, you will have to get a postgraduate qualification in dance or performing arts as well.

Time Period

Dreams take their own sweet time to come true. To be a professional dance instructor is a lengthy process. You would need serious commitment and dedication to keep going.

There is a 3 year bachelor’s degree, with another year of post graduation and even that has to be affixed with some dancing experience. Long years of perseverance finally pay off in the end, but the journey is not an easy one. Constant money troubles are bound to come your way.

You may have to work part-time jobs or opt for other side money making techniques to ensure survival. You may sometimes fall short of paying your student fees or make the application fee payments. It is always good to know about your options for emergencies.

Ever heard of unsecured loans? These are short-term loans that are available online through direct lending websites. You can easily get hold of a hundred to a few thousand pounds when you need emergency funds. A few minutes application process is followed by instant approval and you can get the money in your account on the same day.

You would not have to get involved in tedious documentation or worry about your credit score. Everything is valid and accepted on online lending platforms and you can easily get approved for the loan.

Income Options

Since the studies can be lengthy, your side income becomes necessary. It would be even more beneficial for you if you invest this time in gaining some experience. This would help when you approach recruiters later.

Therefore you need a part-time job that involves money and dance both. Luckily, you can achieve this in various ways.

  • You can start a YouTube channel and post your dance videos online. They can be tutorial lessons or simply performances. Earning through YouTube has become insanely popular today.
  • There are online platforms that let you give tutorials and teach online through video chats. You can easily become an online dance tutor. You could even have your own website for this purpose.
  • You could work part-time at a dance academy as a side teacher. They would hire you to polish the slow learners.
  • Dance competitions are a common event around the country nowadays. You can register yourself regularly to showcase your talent and earn cash prizes through winning.

The Chase

You get one life to achieve what you are really passionate about. Do not let your talent go waste. Pursue your dreams and stay happy with what you do.

Description: To have a career in dance is a dream of many. You can let your dancing instructor dream come true, with the help of short-term unsecured loans that are easily available online.

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