Monitor Your Teens Messengers on Their Mobile Device

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The instant messaging apps have been gaining immense popularity among teenagers replacing the default short messaging apps. The instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line and Viber offer a wide variety of features enabling the user to exchange text, photos, videos, audios and files of different formats. These apps also offer audio and video calling to groups and individuals. The instant messengers use the internet connection to enable the user to communicate with the people across the world employing different functionalities of the app.

There are certain risks associated with the use of instant messengers. The teenagers are more likely to become victim of cyber bullying, online child predation and scamming. The more they remain online, the more they are probable to expose to online threats. This article discusses how instant messaging apps can be monitored to protect teens from the online dangers.    

TheOneSpy Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is best cell phone spy software that is particularly intended for parents to monitor cell phone activities of their children. The application lets you monitor and manage the cell phone of your children via online control panel of the spyware software. Once you install the software on the cell phone of your kid, the spy app gets access to the data stored on the targeted cell phone and uploads to the online spy account. This data includes messages, call logs, photos, videos and other data relevant to apps installed in the monitored cell phone. The spy app also lets you track social media and instant messaging apps. Read on to know how this application allows spying on instant messengers.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messaging app which allows exchanging text messages, photos, videos, GPS location, links, document files and more. Also, it offers video and voice calling. The instant messaging app can be monitored with the help of TheOneSpy WhatsApp monitoring app. The WhatsApp tracking app lets you check out messages of received and sent via instant messenger. Also, you can see WhatsApp call logs to know the detail of incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls.


Line is a known instant messaging app which offers text messages, voice calls, audio calls, photos, videos, gaming and much more. The Line spy app lets you monitor activities of your children performed on the instant messaging app. The spy app gets access to the messages sent and received via messenger and uploads to the online control panel. By logging into the online account, you can check out your kids’ messages, track their calls, monitor their media files and see their friends-list.   


The instant messaging app offers all traditional features of messenger including text messages, media-file sharing and voice and video calling. The Viber spy app of TheOneSpy lets you monitor all activities of your children performed on the instant messaging app. You can track individual and group conversations of your kids without letting them know.  


IMO is another instant messaging app which allows exchanging messages and making calls to online fellows. The IMO spy app lets you track one-on-one and group conversations of your children by getting access to the incoming and outgoing messages and IMO call logs.


Tinder is a dating app which enables users to find romantic partner or partner for one-night-stand. The instant messaging app is widely being used by sex offenders. Parents should monitor Tinder account of their children to make sure they do not communicate with scoundrels. The Tinder spy app lets you track conversations of your kids made via Tinder. Also, it lets you see dating preferences and friends-list of your kids to ensure they are not dating any objectionable person.


Kik is a popular instant messaging app which is being used by many teenagers. The instant messaging app is considered the most insecure messenger for children due to privacy loopholes. The Kik spy app lets you track incoming and outgoing messages of your children to ensure their security.


Snapchat is considered the most secure app for sexting due to its self-deleted messaging feature. The Snapchat spy app lets you monitor Snapchat activities of your children by taking screenshots. The app records every single activity performed on the instant messenger by taking screenshots with a certain interval.

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