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Some Of The Religious Clothing Items That Are Worn By Muslim Men To Show Their Culture

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There are so many clothing items that are worn by the men’s of Muslim culture. Some of the men’s clothing are mentioned below with a short note on them:

1. Thobe:

  1. Thobe is a long maxi or robe-like dress that is worn by the men’s of the Muslim religion to show their culture. This thobe dress is usually worn by the people of Dubai.
  2. Thobe is mainly white in color but with the changing and increasing fashion thobes are available in different types of colors.
  3. Thobe can be worn with a pair of Pajamas, pants. These are the dresses that be worn along with a long tailor fitted shirt. Thobe is known by different names in different parts of the world.

2. Kaftan:

  1. Kaftans are the dresses that can be worn by both men and women. Kaftan is long robe-like dresses that men’s and women wear to keep themselves warm from the extremely cold environment.
  2. Kaftans are usually made from animals’ skin, wool, silk etc. that’s why they help in keeping the bodies warm. Kaftans are worn by people from the time of Mughal Empire.
  3. Kaftans cover the people fully from top to the bottom and are heavy to handle because of the heavy stuff they are made from. People can easily buy kaftan online at cheap and affordable prices from Modest Forever.

3. Serwal:

  1. Serwal is the pajamas or pants that are worn by the men’s of the Muslim religion. Serwal can be worn by men with a tailor fitted shirt or else with a loose kurtas.
  2. Serwal is mainly white in color. Serwal is known by other names in other parts of the country or world.

4. Ghutra and Egal:

  1. Ghutra and Egal are the head coverings that are used by the men of Muslim culture to cover their heads. This is the important head covering of the men’s of Dubai.
  2. Ghutra is a red and white patterned cloth that the men tied on their heads. Ghutra is tied with the Egal (a robe like a thing to set the Ghutra).
  3. Ghutra is usually square in shape. Therefore, Egal is optional to wear. This is the common dress of Sheiks of Dubai. People can easily buy this head covering from Modest Forever.

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5. Bisht:

  1. Bisht is a coat like clothing item of Muslim men’s. Bisht is worn by people during winter times as because this dress helps out people in keeping their bodies warm from the cold weather.
  2. Bisht is usually worn by men in parties and marriages. This dress is mainly worn by people of Kashmir, Pakistan etc.

These above-mentioned are the clothing items that; are worn by men of the Muslim religion to show their culture.

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