Stabilizer – The Protector of Our Electronic Appliances

Stabilizer – The Protector of Our Electronic Appliances

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Electronic appliances are important to maintain our modern lifestyle. Not only they make our job easy, but also they save our time. To operate these electronic appliances, uninterrupted supply of electricity is a must to have, i.e., the voltage needs to be stable. However, in reality getting an uninterrupted supply of electricity might be difficult due to which voltage might fluctuate. This fluctuation of the voltage puts some extra pressure on the electronic appliances. Voltage fluctuation for a long time can even damage those machines. Stabilizer helps us to get rid of this type of problem. It sends a constant voltage to its output terminal which is independent of the incoming supply of voltage. Using this methodology, stabilizers can protect our electronic machines from low voltage, high voltage and other voltage surges. Nowadays, except from the electronic stores, people can buy stabilizer onlinefrom various e-commerce websites.

Except supplying a constant voltage to the electronic equipments, another advantage of using stabilizers is that they protect the electronic appliances from different types of damages, some of which are as follows:

  • Damages caused to the equipments by high voltage such as:
    • Permanent damage
    • Insulation damage to the windings
    • Decreasing the lifespan
    • Undesired interruption in the load
    • Damage in the connecting cables
  • Damages caused to the equipments by low voltage such as:
    • Malfunctioning
    • Increased duration to finish the work
    • Decreased level of the performance
    • Drawing a huge amount of electricity to work
    • Reduced motor speed
    • Computational errors

Because of this benefits, voltage stabilizers have become extremely important equipment to maintain the electronic appliances used at home, office and other commercial places for various purposes. To tackle different types of voltage, various types of stabilizers are available in the market, such as:

  • Servo controlled voltage stabilizers which are mainly used for high output voltage accuracy.
  • Relay type voltage stabilizers which are mostly used for the low cost electronic equipments.
  • Static voltage stabilizer which provides excellent voltage regulation. It is even better than Servo controlled voltage stabilizers.

All of the types of stabilizers mentioned above are available in the market. People can buy stabilizer according to their requirements. Before buying the stabilizer we need to understand the characteristics of our electronic equipments, like:

  • Power consumption
  • Required level of voltage to function properly
  • The level of voltage regulation needed to prevent any kind of damage etc.

Along with the characteristics of our electronic appliances, to make sure to buy the ideal stabilizer for our electronic machine, we also need to check the features of the stabilizer, some of which are as follows:

  • Whether the stabilizer is wall mounted or not as mounted stabilizers work more efficiently than the unmounted ones
  • Whether indicators display is available or not as it helps to understand the fluctuation of the voltage
  • Whether it contains time delay systems to provide required time for the electronic appliances to balance the current flow during power cut

Overload current protection which protects the machines from short circuits

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