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The 10 Reasons Why Everyone Love Comedy Movies

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Watching a comedy movie is something that every person likes.

But why so?!

There are plenty of reasons why comedy movies are a favourite of everybody.

1. Relieves stress

Engaging in comedy movies allows you to laugh more. With more laughter, your body obtains hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol. And that reduces the level of stress and anxiety. Watching comfortable comedy movies works on your psychology in a positive way and you learn to manage your stress.

2. Relaxes muscles

There is a science behind comedy movies and muscle relaxation. The activity of laughter increases the flow of oxygen in your body. And that increased oxygen flow removes tension from your muscles. As a result, you feel relaxed during and after an hour or so of watching a comedy movie.

3. Stimulates the brain

Understanding a joke requires focus and concentration. There are different kinds of comedies. Some comedies involve words, while others showcase situational comedic scenarios. This way, a comedy movie becomes a great exercise for your brain. You learn to identify emotions, movements, and cognition as well. This strengthens the neural network in your brain.

4. Controls blood pressure

The rate of respiration and heartbeat increase as you laugh more often. This increase allows your respiratory system and heart to work back towards a relaxed rate. As a result, the performance of your respiratory system and heart increases. And that controls your blood pressure.

5. Regulates pain

The concentration on comedy and the released endorphins reduce pain naturally. Your ability to tolerate pain increases when you are laughing naturally.

6. Strengthens relationships

From your first date to going out with a strange relative, the awkwardness can be a real killer. But a comedy movie offers a chance to laugh together and release the tension between two people. So, a comedy movie would be a better choice than a traditional bar scene on your first date. Or, you can use it to get normal after a fight with a friend or your partner.

7. Improves emotional health

Everyday problems and responsibilities can twist your emotional health. People, who are extremely responsible in their life, tend to become too serious. Watching comedy movies offers a chance to win back your emotional health.

8. Offers a sense of humour

Watching comedy movies also gives you a sense of humour about everything in life. Even the worst-case scenarios are presented in a funny way in the comedy genre. This allows you to understand that all real-life situations can have a funny side to it.

9. Burns calories

Of course, you can’t sit and lose weight. But laughter surely helps in burning calories. The more you laugh during movies, the more calories you burn in the process.

10. Keeps you happily active

A sense of activeness is a feeling you get after exposing yourself continuously to comedic content. Your body and mind stay healthy and positive, which makes you happy.

As christian comedy movies suit people of all ages, you can choose them to enjoy comedy with your family, friends, partner, or kids. 

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