The best ways to reach Boston from Logan Airport

The Best Ways to Reach Boston From Logan Airport

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Logan Airport which is also knowns as Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is one of the busiest airports in the world and 17th busiest airports in the United States with services to destination throughout Canada, United States, Latin America, the North Atlantic region, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. The airport treats several travelers including business people, tourist, students, people to medical purpose and more. This airport situates at a distance of 15 to 25 minutes of travel from the Boston Downtown which provide a complete range of facilities and amenities for the travelers. There are four easy ways to reach the Boston downtown form the Airport and are described below.

Take the bus

This is one of the methods to reach the downtown for the passengers who simply arrive the airport without booking taxi services. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or what simply known as ‘The T’ runs Silver Line bus from the airport to the downtown Boston from where you can get to the commuter rail, Amtrak, and MBTA subways. The bus takes the passengers right from the front of the airport terminal. The buses run frequently from 5.30 am to 12.30 am and it also provides the space to keep the luggage. If you love to avoid waiting for the bus and reach comfortable to the downtown, then it is better to make use of logan airport taxi services.

Take the subway

Massport (the Massachusetts Port Authority) operates Logan International Airport and it offers free shuttle bus services from the airport to the adjacent MBTA subway station. These buses provide storage spaces for the luggage and run every five or six minutes. The airport station is on the blue line and the buses run from 6.00 am to 12.30 am every day.

Water taxi

This is meant for the persons who love to take a romantic option to reach Boston from the airport. There are three services to take you the Boston from the Logan International dock. They include MBTA Harbor Express, Rowe’s Wharf and Harbor Cruise. Massport shuttle number 66 provides you with free services from the airport to the dock. You can pick the water taxi within 5 to 10 minutes and can enjoy 10 minutes of travel on the water.

Rental taxi services

This is one of the most preferred travel options to get to Boston from Airport. The services are provided at the right time to pick you straight to the intended destination. You are made free from taking any of tickets and to wait for anything after the journey. There are several reputed taxi service providers in the city and at the airport to provide affordable services. It doesn’t take more than 25 minutes to reach the Boston downtown from Airport to enjoy the rest of the day in an amazing and comfortable way.

Book taxi online

Now you can book the taxi online to be free from any of the last minute searches and rushes. Reputed Logan Airport Taxi Service provides luxurious taxi services in the cars including Lincoln Sedans and executive Mercedes at affordable rates. Book your taxi to Boston from Logan airport online at any time you wish.

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