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Train Journeys 2019: Are You Ready To Explore India?

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In India if you want to explore the depths of the country then you should definitely go for train journeys in 2019. Yes, you should always take train journeys if you want to explore the beauty and charm of the country. It is not just about the natural beauty but also about the cultures, diversity and places. When you travel by train you get to see so many places and explore many areas.

Is train comfortable?

Of course, Indian railways have changed the entire picture.  They have all the facilities for the passengers and whether you are a middle class person or a rich fellow; you can get a train compartment that is apt for you. After all, you can explore the diversity of this country with comfort and ease.  Moreover, facilities like Food on Train, PNR number, train tracking and other options make things simpler and more convenient for you.

Scenic scenes

If you are looking forward to explore the richness of this country then you can take up scenic route train journeys in the country. There are some spectacular routes that you should think about and a few of them are like:

Toy Train: Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The toy train railways are the most ancient of all five mountain railways of India. The rail journey gets you main loops during the trip but the best and the well-known loop is “Batasia loop”. The scene covers stunning natural loveliness and vegetation of Darjeeling having the snow-capped Kanchenjunga. Moreover don’t forget that the toy train is a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site.The trip will get you some childlike and cheerful moments.

Quazigund – Srinagar: Baramulla)

It is a journey that caters a mind numbing ride via the snow-capped peaks and the spectacular dreamy scenic charm of the valley. Itis one of the finest winter rides in the country. The scenes on the way are absolutely heart winning and jaw dropping. You are going to gather some really amazing moments from this journey.

Guwahati – Lumding: Silchar

The lavish green bushy fields and stunning forests across the massive valleys divided by the river Jatinga and undulating along the bushy forests; ah what an experience. The spectacular tea gardens of Barak valley and then the lush even plains the rail trip caters you a peep into the extensive vegetation of the state of beautiful Assam. You are certainly going to taste the essence of this region of Indian with a bang.

Jaisalmer – Jodhpur

The trip to rajasthan is always flooded with colours and it cannot have an additional bright shade in case you travel to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur by train.  This journey is not at all dull. Rather you witness different topography such as typical desert landscape having xerophytic vegetation, rich shiny yellow soil, grazing camels, dunes and scattered settlements of the desert populations. Being a passenger, you would surely get a pinch or experience of the desert safari before you reach the land of the Golden Fort.


So, you are already tempted to take your next train journey in India right?

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