Which Apps Store is Better, Google Play Store or 9apps?

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People nowadays are very choosy about selecting their every fraction of daily life and smartphone apps are kind of those fractions of each person’s daily life as they know very well that what application is worth keeping and what not. In such, applications that people want to keep must be full of features and facilities because as I said people know their needs and if an app can turn out to be worth useful for the people, it must have a kind of thing that other applications failed to provide. 9apps has many of these types of applications, which if someone will install once, he will never think about uninstalling them.

Clear Comparison of 9apps and Google Play Store

9apps is an application store that allows the users to download and install any kind of the application they need the most at free of cost while other mammoths like application stores like Google Play Store either do not provide the useful applications or if yes, then provide them on paid and trial versions. But, the story is something else on 9apps as you can get all the applications free of cost and always full versions of those applications.

9apps fast download let the users download the applications at lightning speed and download the application right to the device’s memory from where you can install it whenever you want. On the other hand, if you install any application or game from the Google play store then that app only install into your device instead of download which means if you will uninstall the application then you will lose that and you have to install it again by spending your network data again.

Useful applications that only can be found on 9apps

9apps has lots of useful application on which we discussed earlier, apps like Vidmate is only available on the 9apps application store but not on Google Play Store. Vidmate for Android is one of the most versatile and leading names in the online video downloading apps. It has left its competitors far behind in the race of the best YouTube video downloader. It allows the users to download the videos and movies in the HD quality. Plus, a product of Vidmate, VMate is also available only on 9Apps not on Google Play Store. People are admiring the features and amenities of the VMate for making very interesting videos like dub-smash and moment videos.

Get the Latest versions of the Applications earlier than anyone

If you have installed the 9apps then you do not need to worry about the latest versions of the applications installed in your device because on 9Apps, you can download the latest versions of the applications or say beta versions which are not usually available on the Google Play Store and if available then it allows a few people to install it in order to test the latest features of the applications that if the people are admiring them or not. But 9Apps allows everybody to install the beta versions of most of the applications.

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